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Important Milestone for Adchemy

Today marks a major milestone for Adchemy.  We’re expanding a strategic partnership with Microsoft Advertising, and we’ve closed a $61M Series E investment from Microsoft, August Capital, and Mayfield Fund.

Over the past year, we have been working with Microsoft Advertising to roll out the Adchemy IntentMapTM technology to select adCenter customers, including Macy’s and O.co, also known as Overstock.com. Through our expanded partnership with Microsoft Advertising, Adchemy IntentMapTM technology will now be made available to qualified Microsoft adCenter customers.

The proceeds from the investment will be used to further accelerate development and deployment of the Adchemy IntentMapTM technology, and to extend the technology into other intent-rich channels such as mobile.  To meet these challenges, Adchemy is growing aggressively. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of consumer intent to make search and mobile advertising dramatically simpler and more effective, be sure to check out our open positions.

Adchemy IntentMapTM technology radically simplifies paid search campaigns and makes them more scalable and relevant.  It takes Intent beyond keywords – it frees advertisers from managing individual keywords and enables them to focus on consumers’ underlying intent.  Moving from keywords to intent is a fundamental paradigm shift that has the potential to impact all players in the paid search ecosystem.

For consumers, Adchemy IntentMapTM technology can improve ad relevance.  Ads that are more aligned with consumers’ underlying intent will help consumers achieve more of their objectives faster, creating a more useful online experience.

For search advertisers, Adchemy IntentMapTM technology allows advertisers to grow their campaigns without growing their SEM teams.  Managing hundreds of intents instead of thousands of keywords dramatically simplifies campaigns.  Simpler campaigns allow advertisers to grow campaign coverage — by increasing the number of keywords under management by several orders of magnitude — and improve conversion with more relevant ads, all without adding to the workload of their already stretched SEM teams.

SEM agencies using the Adchemy IntentMapTM  technology will be able to help their clients grow their campaigns without adding significant manpower.

Adchemy IntentMapTM  technology is also completely complementary to existing SEM platforms and helps advertisers grow their campaigns and improve campaign relevance, conversion, and ROI. Improved ROI will drive more spend thru advertisers’ or agencies’ existing SEM platforms.

For search engines like Bing, Adchemy IntentMapTM technology will improve consumer engagement and monetization.  Even with good broad match algorithms, search engines are fundamentally constrained by the breadth and relevance of advertisers’ campaigns.  Advertisers’ campaigns are, in turn, constrained by complexity – as measured by the number of keywords – and the size of their SEM teams.  The Adchemy IntentMapTM technology is the only solution in the market that radically simplifies campaigns, thereby enabling greater campaign breadth, relevance, and monetization.

We’ve always believed that our Adchemy IntentMapTM technology has the ability to significantly change the face of online advertising.  Our expanded strategic partnership with Microsoft Advertising and the closing of our Series E investment round are great validations of our overall approach, the technology we have built thus far, and the team we’ve assembled.

As a result, we think Adchemy’s future is brighter than ever.

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