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We’re Hosting a Webinar: “Google PLAs: How Many SKUs per Product Target?”

This coming Wednesday, May 15, 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT), Adchemy will be hosting a webinar “Google Product Listing Ads:  How Many SKUs per Product Target?

This will be a live webcast hosted by Ethan Batraski, Adchemy’s VP Product & Experience.  In addition, we will be joined by industry expert Nikhil Raj, Walmart Lab’s Sr. Director, Advertising & Demand Generation.

Navigating the world of Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can be tricky. Google has created a new construct for marketers to wrestle with called product targets.  You’re supposed to associate SKUs/products to these product targets, and then associate these product targets to ad groups.

The question is, how many products or SKUs should you have per product target?  Is there an optimal number, and, if so, why?

Ethan Batraski, Adchemy’s VP of Product & Experience, will discuss:

- How product targets work
- Why there’s an optimal number of products/SKUs per product target
- What that optimal number is
- What happens when you deviate from that optimal number

Bring your questions, and we will have a LIVE Q&A with both Ethan and Nikhil at the end of the webinar.  Register Now!

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