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Adchemy Divests Customer Acquisition Division, Adchemy Actions, to XL Marketing

Posted on Nov 04, 2013 by

We have exciting news.

Today, we announced that Adchemy has divested its customer acquisition division, Adchemy Actions, to XL Marketing of New York, NY.  You can read the press release from XL Marketing here.

This deal makes a ton of sense for Adchemy. We’re extremely proud of what Adchemy Actions has been able to accomplish to-date. At the same time, since we introduced our paid search software, market reception for its ability to help online brands scale their ecommerce revenue acquisition has been overwhelmingly positive.

As a result, our software business has been growing really fast. Currently eight of the top fifty retailers on the IR500 use Adchemy software, and that number is increasing almost every day. The sale of Adchemy Actions allows Adchemy to focus solely on creating elegant SaaS software that’s unbelievably easy to use and delivers  stunning insights.

In other words, by selling Adchemy Actions, we’re doubling down on the future of search.

XL Marketing, a company co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, has been a long-standing business partner of Adchemy Actions, and we think this deal makes a ton of sense for customers and partners of the platform. In addition, several Adchemy Actions employees will be joining XL Marketing’s management team, including:

  • Cullen Jowitt, Vice President and General Manager of Adchemy Actions, becomes a Senior Vice President for XL Marketing
  • Eddie Rau, Jr., one of the architects of the Adchemy Actions platform, will become Vice President of Engineering
  • Matt Tillman will be a Vice President and General Manager in the Financial Services vertical
  • Eric Soli, Director of Finance and Operations at Adchemy Actions, joins XL Marketing as VP, Call Center & Finance.


We’re very excited for them, and we’re sure they’ll be wildly successful.

I’m as excited as ever about the future of search.  And Adchemy’s future is brighter than ever.

Murthy Nukala
CEO, Adchemy

How to Supercharge Your Merchant Feed for PLAs

Posted on Jul 23, 2013 by

In a recent poll of retail search marketers, improving the quality of the merchant feed was cited as the biggest impediment to scaling Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns.

Everyone knows that compliance with Google’s merchant feed policies is a basic cost of entry into PLAs. But what does it really take to optimize your merchant feed to maximize the competitiveness of your PLAs? And can the quality of your merchant feed really make that big of a difference in your PLA campaign?

If you’re a digital marketer at an online retailer and PLAs are becoming a increasingly important part of your online marketing mix, this webcast is for you. Greg de Haaff, Sr. Director of Product Management from Adchemy, will take a closer look into how you can not only optimize, but supercharge your merchant feed for PLAs.

Join us for this webcast and learn:

  • Why your merchant feed needs to be comprehensive, and not just feature your best selling items
  • The importance of having a merchant feed that is complete
  • How and why you should enrich your merchant feed whenever possible
  • What optimizing your merchant feed for PLAs really means (hint: it’s not just about filling empty spreadsheet cells) and how the quality of your merchant feed directly impacts revenue
  • How you can start to systematically optimize your merchant feed and get ahead of your competition

Register now for this free, live webinar!

We’re Hosting a Webinar: “Google PLAs: How Many SKUs per Product Target?”

Posted on May 09, 2013 by

This coming Wednesday, May 15, 1 PM EDT (10 AM PDT), Adchemy will be hosting a webinar “Google Product Listing Ads:  How Many SKUs per Product Target?

This will be a live webcast hosted by Ethan Batraski, Adchemy’s VP Product & Experience.  In addition, we will be joined by industry expert Nikhil Raj, Walmart Lab’s Sr. Director, Advertising & Demand Generation.

Navigating the world of Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can be tricky. Google has created a new construct for marketers to wrestle with called product targets.  You’re supposed to associate SKUs/products to these product targets, and then associate these product targets to ad groups.

The question is, how many products or SKUs should you have per product target?  Is there an optimal number, and, if so, why?

Ethan Batraski, Adchemy’s VP of Product & Experience, will discuss:

- How product targets work
- Why there’s an optimal number of products/SKUs per product target
- What that optimal number is
- What happens when you deviate from that optimal number

Bring your questions, and we will have a LIVE Q&A with both Ethan and Nikhil at the end of the webinar.  Register Now!

Search Insider Summit, 2013

Posted on May 07, 2013 by

This week was the 15th running of the search geeks, AKA MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit, in Amelia Island, Florida. As panel contributors and sponsors, we were busy!

Adchemy Products & User Experience VP Ethan Batraski demoed our newly released software, Adchemy for ProductsTM, during lunch. And Adchemy CEO Murthy Nukala joined the Product Listing Ads panel with esteemed folks such as Google’s Jennifer Liu, who has developed Google product ads for several years.

Adchemy for Products Demo
We publicly launched Adchemy for Products at SIS! The overwhelming response? “We thought we were doing product ads well, but your product opened our eyes.” Thanks everyone!

Product Listing Ads: Learning From Commerce Sites As They Learn From Us
Moderator: Jeremy Kagan, Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing, Columbia Business School
And a great group of panelists:

  • Avish Dahiya, CTO, Munire Furniture
  • Jennifer Liu, Senior Product Manager, Google
  • Bill Mungovan, Director of Product Strategy, Advertising Solutions, Adobe
  • Murthy Nukala, Founder and CEO, Adchemy
  • Margot Herrman, Manager on Online Marketing, Revolve Clothing

If you missed SIS, or would like to see the PLA panel again, watch the replay!

Panel highlights:

  • Murthy: Future of product ads will be simplified. The notion is to manage in your business language not publisher’s.
  • Avish: You want to manage at the SKU level. But management of campaigns has to be a lot easier. Replay at minute 12:10.
  • Avish reacts to @Adchemy demo with “Wow” and “Amazing.” Thanks for the plug!
  • Avish says tech-savvy moms are mobile. Appealing product visuals are key. His tests show romance images work 10x better than silhouette!
  • Murthy predicts that search marketers will develop traditional merchandising skills to compete in Product Ads digital storefront.
  • Jennifer: Google’s mantra for product ads is “mobile, mobile, mobile”. Expect to see formats for touch screens and local targeting.

Williams-Sonoma’s Question: How does Google’s algorithm pick products to show?
Williams-Sonoma’s Senior eMarketing Planner Laura Landesman posed a great question concerning issues marketing All-Clad copper-core cookware. How does the algorithm pick products to show? See Jennifer Liu’s reply at minute 40. And check out Laurie Sullivan’s post Williams-Sonoma’s All-Clad PLA Mystery.

Some quick shout outs from the tweetstream and other posters.

Kami Patterson at The Home Depot  tweeted:

  • “Manage PLAs: simplify, integrate, go mobile. They’re challenging for tech companies and advertisers.”
  • “PLAs are a ‘digital shelf.’ Pricing, pictures and context matter.”


A really nice recap of the SIS buzz from Kenshoo’s CMO, @AaronGoldman. He puts Adchemy at number 7 of his top 10 buzz list! Thanks Aaron!

And lastly, a special thanks to the team at MediaPost for putting on a really great conference.

ModCloth by the Numbers

Posted on Jan 08, 2013 by

Congrats to Adchemy customer ModCloth for a very successful 2012.

Check out the very cool infographic which ModCloth released with its news.

ModCloth ended 2012 with over 1,200 featured designers sharing and selling their designs to consumers. From a mobile standpoint, the company saw its traffic from smartphones at least double, while those coming from tablet devices tripled from those that shopped in 2011.

ModCloth offers a broad range of clothing, accessories and décor from independent designers that is curated to a specific vintage inspired aesthetic for customers who tend to want to set themselves apart. As part of its business strategy ModCloth has tens of thousands of products carried in limited supply, and the company’s inventory is constantly growing and changing. The news release mentions that 40 products are added daily. Products include recognized brands and Indie labels and carry very creative product names, for example, “Go-go about your day” dress, which is actually blue with a pink stripe. With such creative product names, their product names aren’t typically going to match to the way people search. Adchemy is proud to be providing Modcloth with innovative approaches in search to ensure its very unique products are found by consumers, no matter how they search.

Adchemy at SES San Francisco

Posted on Aug 14, 2012 by

Adchemy was recently a sponsor at Search Engine Strategies San Francisco:

Adchemy’s Danny Galas talked about the importance of account structure, how to determine if you have a good or a not-so-good account structure, and how to think about restructuring an SEM campaign:

MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit

Posted on Apr 02, 2012 by

Adchemy is proud to sponsor MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit (SIS) – Spring 2012, taking place April 22nd-25th on Captiva Island in Florida. SIS is a fun and focused forum that educates attendees on the most current issues facing paid search advertising and search engine optimization. This Spring’s conference will focus on the evolution of search:

Recent announcements from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Apple, among other companies point to integrating semantic, voice, and gesture technologies into search and apps for desktop and mobile devices, as well as connected TVs. Join us to explore these technologies and how each influences search engine marketing through data, metrics, attribution, social and more.

Get in on the Fun – for free!

If you’re in charge of search engine marketing for a major brand or retailer, MediaPost offers complimentary passes to SIS. To begin the application process simply send your full contact info and one or two sentences about your role to Rob McEvily at rob@mediapost.com.

Complimentary Brand Marketer pass includes:
* Summit registration ($2995 value)
* Accommodations at the South Seas Island Resort for three nights
* No Charge Activities such as golf, fishing charter, kayaking, dophin cruise, and more
* Meals, drinks and functions over three days

We hope to see you there!

Roundtable Roundup – eTail West Search Summit

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 by

With a backdrop of desert mountains and palm trees, more than 90 individuals representing many of the top online (and offline) retailers gathered on Monday, February 27th in Palm Desert, CA for eTail West’s Search Summit and SEO Conference. Attendees saw veterans in SEM and SEO give great strategic and tactical advice for improving paid and organic search. Adchemy’s own Aurelie Davis, Director of SEM Client Services, hosted a roundtable discussion entitled “Leveraging In-House Data for Profitable Campaign Expansion.”

Some of the feedback from the retailers on hand was surprising:

  • More than half of the roundtable participants were not using their product catalog to generate keywords for their paid search campaigns.
  • The retailers that were leveraging their product catalog to create keywords were mostly focused on model numbers and brand names, but not the intent-rich features and attributes like colors, materials, and size, which make for great input to keywords.

With only a handful of retailers using in-house assets to their fullest extent, there are a lot of growth opportunities and gains in competitive advantage to be had by harnessing sources of consumer intent to grow campaigns.

Aurelie highlighted several sources for keyword generation:

  • On-site search:  Mine your query logs to use the terms and phrases that consumers use to search for products on your site for exact match keyword coverage — chances are, other consumers are searching for them on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Facets:  If your site utilizes faceted search, facets can be a good source for different product, price, and feature combinations to create new long-tail keywords.
  • Broad match queries: Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter both report on the queries that come through broad match. Use these reports to promote high-converting queries with exact match, or use negative match terms to block inappropriate, non-converting terms.

There is a huge opportunity to win more customers and profits with long-tail, exact match keywords. As Rahmon Coupe, chief executive officer of YourAmigo pointed out, 70% of queries on Google do not have an exact match keyword. Considering that 20% of daily queries are new to Google (or are unique within the last six months), retailers need to get out in front of this issue to use their in-house data to create more relevant and profitable campaigns.

eTail continues through March 1st — and there will no doubt be a lot of issues that retailers will want to tackle after the conference –  but many retailers still have many opportunities to maximize their paid search advertising campaigns. Paid search is crucial to eCommerce success, because it’s still one of the highest ROI channels out there — it’s still one of the only venues for advertisers to match their product catalog to a consumer’s exact expressed intent.

Get 20% Off Registration & Meet Up with Adchemy at SES New York!

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 by

Adchemy is a proud Silver Sponsor of SES New York, happening March 19th-23rd at the Hilton New York in midtown. SES New York provides marketing and advertising professionals with an educational event packed with 70+ sessions, multiple keynotes, almost 100 exhibitors, networking events, parties and more.

As a sponsor, we are happy to offer you 20% OFF the full registration price! Use code “20ADCH” during the registration and checkout process.

If you plan on attending the conference and would like to learn more about Adchemy, please contact our sales team to set up a time to talk.

In addition to our sponsorship, we will be hosting the “Challenges Facing Retail SEM” Meet the Experts Roundtables, which happen a couple times throughout the conference.

We look forward to seeing you there!